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Upcoming Workshops at Vancouver Burlesque Centre:


A weekend immersive with Lola Frost...  

Sat Sept.16th, 4pm - 5:30pm
Connecting to your Core: Sexuality as Creativity
Sat Sept.16th, 6pm - 7:30pm
The Slow Burn: Moving with Sensuality and Intention
Sun Sept.17th, 2pm - 3:30pm
Chair Dance Fundamentals: Level 1
Sun Sept.17th, 4pm - 6pm
Lap Dance for Your Lover

Connecting to your Core – Sexuality as Creativity
Part lecture, part movement, students will explore how tapping into the root of their strength, breaking down boundaries and building a solid foundation of self can unleash creativity. We will be working with the body and spirit to create acceptance in the core/self around sexuality, sensuality and feminine strength.
What to bring / needs : Please wear dance or yoga clothes and bring a note book, water and a yoga mat. 

The Slow Burn – Moving with Sensuality and Intention
Moving slowly on stage is challenging. It takes thought, confidence, and a belief in the expression you are portraying to your audience. It starts with a thought, is moved through action, and then becomes bestowed to your audience. Whenever you are moving on stage, you want your actions to radiate strength and grace, power and intention. This movement- and theory-based class will take you through a warm-up, a diverse range of movements and the theory behind them, and exploration of receptive and penetrative energies to bring the most diverse translations of your desires to the stage.
What to bring / needs : Please wear dance or yoga clothes and bring a note book and water. Dance shoes optional.
Chair Dance Fundamentals 
Learn the sassy and classic technique of chair dancing in this comprehensive foundation class. We start at the base with discovering the physicality, strength, and grace it takes to make this discipline look flawless! We cover safety, transition techniques, impactful poses, leg and arm work, and foundation inversions. We also cover the exercises that complement the moves learned for building the strength it takes to execute this style with ease. This class also has a small choreography component to explore act building with chair dancing.
What to bring / needs : Please wear crops or leggings instead of shorts as you may stick to the chair. No recommended for students with sever back injuries. Knee pads or legwarmers are great for extra protection. Bring water and a yoga mat. 

Lap Dance for Your Lover (with wine!)
Learn the gift that keeps giving - a saucy, personal, intimate Lap Dance for your Lover! Join Lola for this interactive workshop and a glass of wine while diving into an overview of the art form's philosophy and technique. This session will include learning a set of specific moves geared for up close and personal interaction as well as a few more daring techniques guaranteed to have your partner wanting more! We will cover intimacy, eye contact, boundaries, touch and non contact, floor and walking transitions, music choices and environment. 
A glass of wine, red or white will be provided. 

What to bring / needs : Please bring heels you can comfortably move in and knee pads or legwarmers.
 Bring water and a notebook. 


Join Harla for this 1.5hr workshop exploring the movements and music of Iran, with a western twist! We'll dance our way through classic Iranian folk music and move through the ages, getting a glimpse of the 80's 90's, all the way through contemporary pop music! You will learn how to unlock your hips, the incredible "Persian Jazz Hands", and the true secret to all  Iranian dancing: the power of the eyebrows. 

Iranian culture is rich in musicality and centres around a love of dance and rhythm; to this day Harla's family- many now well into their 70's- will celebrate dinner parties with dancing; aggressive, hip thrusting dancing! It is this love, freedom, and joy through coming together to dance that has made Harla both the person and dancer she is today, and it is this love, freedom, and joy she hopes to share through this workshop! Space is limited, register today!
What to wear or bring: Water, comfortable clothing, preferably form fitting, *this class will be done in bare feet