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Upcoming Workshops at Vancouver Burlesque Centre:



Instructor: Ray Gunn (Chicago)
Dates and times:
The Elements, May 12, 5pm - 9pm
Movement 101, May 13, 4pm - 5:30pm

Coming to us all the way from Chicago, Ray Gunn is the former King of Boylesque and is, quite frankly, an artistic, dancing genius. He's performed all over the world and always brings his brand of high brow, sexy artistry. A professionally trained dancer, Ray has years of stage experience to share with you...

This 4-hour intensive workshop and lecture is designed to help participants with act building. Participants will discuss the basic components of constructing, focusing, and editing a successful burlesque act through: identifying the major types of teases that are most successful in burlesque, focusing on musicality and the creation and construction of choreography as it applies to burlesque concepts, and examining an act’s stagecraft, central focus, and element continuity. Participants should come prepared to take notes, openly discuss the subject matter, and dress comfortably to move.

Movement 101 is a movement based class that combines contemporary and modern dance techniques as they apply to a burlesque aesthetic. This class specializes in body core development, spacial awareness, energy direction, floor work, and basic coordination and balance. Students are challenged to learn choreography quickly and accurately as a group, and will be given warm-up exercises, stretches, and several dance combinations. Participants will experience stretching techniques, body conditioning, and will learn a short phrase that includes strip essentials. This class emphasizes coordination, strength, musicality, and strip-tease. The class maximum is 20 participants and can be taken by novices through seasoned performers.

Pre-registration is required:

Workshops with Ray Gunn
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